All the things that should not be………

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Yesterday when I was on my way home a saw a kid sitting on the road covered in dirt and his face streaked with tears. He was with two other boys, who looked older than him, they were fighting over an item they found in trash. When I reached home it was all I thought about. These were alive kids, hungry and needy. We find it so easy to pity the dead we burn candles for them and stand in cold for them. We go on rallies and write in press for the brutality committed against those killed in bomb blasts. But they are dead beyond yours and mines help but these kids outside ours homes in our streets they are alive, and they can be helped, they can be fed and they can be protected and we do not need government for that all we need is to care enough to do so. So many have been dying of starvation in Thar a death much more insufferable and long than being blown apart or shot down also something preventable somehow these people do not matter enough to be on every Facebook page and news channel, why? who decides whose life is more important and whose is not??

so many like him suffered and died but nobody did anything
so many like him suffered and died but nobody did anything

There are about thousands of kids and their families, starving in Thar Desert with legs and arms size of match sticks. Only time I have ever seen those appalling photos was when they show famine stricken countries of Africa. Living in camps struck my tribal wars and mercenaries. There was no aid for them few million rupees given here and there. Those people were dying literally of hunger when everyday tons of food was being wasted in D Square, Islamabad. “Naya Pakistan” was being dreamt, when few hundred miles south in same country, the same Pakistan that was being brought to brink to revolution for better, so many were just in need of few bites of food. It did not matter, whose jurisdiction these people fell under for the sake of humanity and because we are all bonded by Islamic brotherhood and because we are all Pakistani’s for better or worse. People who had enough support of money and power to go on for months in D Square, could have easily invested that in Thar, I believe they would not have to ask for a single vote after that, every person with a conscious mind would have supported them for it. So it won’t be too far-fetched to say that they only wanted to bring a revolution which fells under their comfort zone, where heat in tolerable and camera’s are in plenty to capture them and promote them and rest of Pakistan can go to hell, just like nearly all their acquaintances whether they are in their opposition or support. Yesterday Eid-mil-dun-Nabi was being celebrated all over Pakistan. A day which has no Islamic recognition what so ever. About 50 years earlier it was the day when cinema houses were shut down, shops were closed. As death of The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) which by the way is confirmed on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, was mourned. I saw so many boys standing in street squares and roadsides collecting charity to decorate their streets and bought cakes. We are keeping the legacy of Marie Antoinette alive not our Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) while so many barely get bread a day, 1000s of pounds of cakes are being cut all across Pakistan.  Lalkurti in Rawalpind, which by the way is not exactly posh area, it is the only place I had a chance to see for myself, seeing newspaper today I learned there were hundreds of places like that all across Pakistan whose every house, every shop, every street was covered in fairy lights, and there were flags and so many other kinds of decorations, cakes were being cut and music systems were set to play Naats, while so many slept in dark, on empty stomachs and with only sound of screeching, crying, hungry children most nights of the year.  Every shrine was decorated with lights and flags, the graves of the dead were covered in new clothes while the alive shivered in cold. If the money our country folks wasted on pointless celebrations of a day which is more the day our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) died then born earning sins. We could have given that to support families of poor in the name of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who could have lived months on that money. What better way to express our love for someone than to keep his (P.B.U.H) legacy alive.

They say they are showing their love for their prophet but what about giving all this to some needy no better way to show love than keep his Sun-nah alive
They say they are showing their love for their prophet but what about giving all this to some needy no better way to show love than keep his Sun-nah alive

What I find really demoralizing and brings me to the brink of hopelessness is the indulgence of nation in irrelevant causes like 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal and making joke of Islamic Beliefs. And their ability to love the dead while the alive are invisible to them.  How being honest is a rude and unacceptable and how being a truly practicing Muslim is the hardest thing to do in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And how giving 24/7 coverage to the sit-ins in D Square and showing footage of dressed up people and same speeches every day for more than 3 months is important news and the starving, dying naked kids and their families are not?  How everyone observed a black day on Peshawar incident and rightfully so but more children have in these past months died at the hands of our arrogance and selfishness in Thar then they did in Peshawar by terrorists. So who are we to point fingers?


3 thoughts on “All the things that should not be………

    […] All the things that should not be………. […]


    Nigham said:
    January 17, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Heart touching article! We, our own people and families setting up a pure example of discrimination indeed. And sadly, there is almost-nil coverage of famine news in the media. 😦

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    nabeelakhan123 said:
    January 18, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    I liked your piece of writing. Good work! The way you have interpret and ponder your thoughts & feelings reflect good writing skills inside you. You are a sensitive observant of your surroundings, which will enhance & help you write effectively in the future as well. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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