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Back home, been gone to one of my favorite places in Pakistan, Lahore. Love the city mainly because it houses most loved people in my life. But cannot say it is not nice to be home. Rawalpindi or more commonly Pindi as we call it is more of a second home than permanent home for many. The urban area built entirely on population of rural area around it. There is not any special historical significance related to the city. Just an ex-British cantonment. Closest thing to historical and significance is the ARL refinery, and Presidency which is now FJWU.

ARL refinery old offices built pre-partition
ARL refinery old offices built pre-partition

Everything about this city and new or and fleeting. Nothing is there in Rawalpindi that you cannot find in other cities. But it grows on you, like the clear blue, the clam quiet organized Islamabad. Easy access to the mountains, the cool wind that blows down from the highlands after every rain, how the weather could be exceptionally pleasant during summer. The thunders during spring, and so much soundless lightening during fall that you might think that a wedding is going on in clouds. The soil is not fertile enough  for sweet fruits like mangoes but is for sour and sweet citrus. If it rains hard enough and then weather clears up you could see snow-capped mountains of Murree and blue outlines of mountain ranges beyond.

Glispe of mountain ranges on a not so clear day
Glispe of mountain ranges on a not so clear day

Rawalpindi has few modern age buildings but has numerous Churches and missionary schools at main squares of the city. Giving reflection of British Raj, and also only few markers of organized architectures in haphazardly built city.

Church on Adamjee road
Church on Adamjee road

What Rawalpindi is and always going to be is a cantonment . There is GHQ, 502 workshops, Qasim aviation Base, and 14 Askari and counting.

So Pindi is not a city it is collective set of many small settlements known as “dhoks” in Pothorhari. So it is not a big deal to have field of wheat or mustard next to your house.

There is saying about Pothohar.

” Zameen Hamwaar nae

Mausam ka Atibaar nae

Phaal mazedaar nae

Loag wafadaar nae”

Despite  every thing the not so green, bushy trees and plants,uneven landscape and brownish crumbling land. there was this person no train i heard say

A view of land in outskirts of Rawalpndi
A view of land in outskirts of Rawalpindi

“Shahzada alaqa hai hamara ” could not put that better myself home is home.


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    muhammadahmed14 said:
    February 17, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    lovely info .. keep writing and keep rocking my friend


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