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Moments of Beauty…..

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So my university is a crowded place most of the time. Only time it is not crowded is 7:15 in the morning. And being a government university, some places known as public sector institution, the planning and administration are quiet questionable.


But walking towards my classroom i look at still fresh sky and budding trees and air which has not turned stale yet. I take time to look around me at trees at sky, without people thinking it is weird that i am taking pictures of things which are there everyday, and are not considered particularly very pretty, but i completely disagree with them so i took some pictures. the  main reason for taking and finding those things so beautiful is the current situation of the world. We are in such a mess everything is crazy and screwed up everyone finds a reason to blame someone. But somehow world still maintains its beauty. it was created beautiful and still is we just need to give a damn to see.



When will be it be enough? When will we stop dying for being us?

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Twin blasts at in Sanna, Yemen. They are not making the international diplomats turn in their chairs. Everyone was quick to tweet and give press release including the Pope when 10 Christians died on Sunday, Lahore 15th March. But only five days later number of and children and men die during Friday prayer. Where are those humanitarians????

Why is the world not jumping up and down for the justice? why is their silence?

those who keep quiet when scores of Muslims die are the ones funding these so called ISIS or Daish, TTP. The so called muslim mujahids are mercenaries on the payroll of those conservative Muslim Haters in their expensive suits and fat accounts and with blood as white and as their skins. They are real extremists who won’t speak up for the death and loss of Muslim and those who say our religion teaches us violence when they do not know the first thing about Islam.

They are destroying are countries and destroying are homes and killing our sons and are blaming us for the terrorism while we lose most to this pointless and mindless and aimless war of terror.

when will these mindless war stop has it not claimed enough sons? has it not orphaned enough? has it not crippled enough? has it not wrecked enough homes yet? has it not destroyed enough economies? has it not spilled enough blood?

for sake of which ever God you believe in. For sake of your children for sake of whatever you believe in. Just stop the killing. Stop the killing before this fire burns your own homes down. In that moment you will realize what monster you have built. Then pointing finger and blame games won’t bring back those you lose. Just the way those we have lost.

Moth smoke… is enough

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So giving this book 3 stars is kind of unfair because technically it lies on either 5 stars or 1 star. I hated each and every character in this books, i hated their guts, i hated the hypocrisy and i hated their attitudes, their ignorance their infatuations and mostly their selfishness. Which is something because there are not many writers who develop the characters well enough to be judges and criticized.<br>Every character in this book was alive, i had a mental image of them, they were real talking and bullshitting. This book picks up the most corrupt part of the society the lowest the most twisted and immature set of mentality who unfortunately have the money and resources to influence.<br>The book could be said to be about a man, who wants more then he has, he ungrateful for what he has, and is not ready to embrace the sharp reality of his existence instead figures a short a way out, drugs, woman he should not be with and company he can not afford. He is middle class but has had a taste of elite life style but somehow never gets over the fact that he is not one of them. He wants all that he does not have and like most thinks he is most worthy of it, just because he is smart and has a delusion that he is better person. <br>This is story of people who are ripping this country part because they think it is free buffet and everyone should get a share when it is being served bigger the better. Its is story of degradation and decline, of sin and survival and selfishness and sabotage. It is story of disintegrating society. values and human nature.

“the prophets perform miracles because language lacks the power to describe faith” hats off for this one.

Short History of World or short history of Europe!! confusing

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Now this book was a pure and complete disappointment.
As far a history books are concerned this did not even came close to a good read. Of course it was informative but it was more biased then informative. For someone who has some prior knowledge would be completely enraged like i was the reason i even finished this book was to see how far would the writer take this or would he try to d some justice he did not.
The book has 3 parts. This book starts from the theory of Darwinism. Understandable by the revolutionary point of view. the book describes what most geologists and biologists assume how continents came to separate and how the frozen seas began to melt. the rising of seas. The spreading of different clans across the plains. He describes the first people to be nomads hunters without permanent settlements also probably true. Than the rise of Greeks is and their gods, temples, sculptures comes. Than there is the age of thinkers and Romans. After that the Judaism comes, after that the advent of Christ. Of course then the discussion of spread of Christianity takes place. Of course the believers like myself and others would highly disagree. Then again the book can not be judged upon it negligence of believers’ belief. After that there is mention of Constantine who embraced Christianity and then the city of Constantinople. Of course there is mention of Asoka and rise of Buddhism which however did not take much roots in the region it was born; India. But in later years it spread eastwards quiet rapidly and surprisingly. Then comes the time of Islam. I would not discuss or judge in how the writer choose to describe the our Prophet(P.B.U.H) but then again he is not a Believer so the comments or descriptions could be understood.
But after the end o f the first part, the writer takes an unexpected leap and kind off fast forwards to late 1400s. He completely and utterly ignores the rise and fall of Islamic Civilization which penetrated Europe and east to the borders of sub-continent. In the prologue writer mentions that this book s more dependent upon scientific revolutions and wars. But he completely ignores all the great cities of Islamic empire, Cordoba, Baghdad the the most significant as far the universities and libraries were concerned. where Islamic world ended Chinese civilization starts which was also going through some major economic revolutions which the writer mentions he went as far to as describing the Chinese meals. However the writer does mention the rush of knowledge which took upon masses in in 19th century and role of England and its institutions. But he ignores the fever of knowledge which took place in middle ages, in which Hews, Christians and irreligious, traveled away from their homelands to acquire.
Then comes the 1400s the rise of Ottomans, and starting of Renaissance and end of Dark ages of Europe. This book could be better describes if we called it history of Europe. The writer at places pretends that Europeans were in long slumber after the fall of Roman empire, there was black death, and famine and everything was described but it was like they were in trance and all of the sudden the trance started to break and the ideas and knowledge came to them fro their own brilliance. He fails to mention that like knowledge was acquired by Muslims from Assyrians, Hellenistic Empire and the Greeks the same way Europeans borrowed from the Islamic Civilization next door to them. But the facts are not so important in this book if it concerns the Islamic Civilization.
Then there is discovery of Americas and a whole new world is opened up. Of course then comes the trades, the exploration of southern hemisphere, the colonization. The slave trade from Africa starts a booming business in Americas because of the abundance of land and Plantations colonies were nurturing to make material which was to be exports mainly back to Europe. In slave trade the writer chooses to mention the Muslims as the protagonists of slavery especially of women, a highly biased remark to make considering the number of slaves being exported from Africa was nearly 100000 per year during those centuries despite their gender and their occupation were not exactly defines only as farmers in the lands they were to be taken. Another very off remark is that in Americas the slaves had cabins to live in, which was a better condition then in other part of Europe. One might wonder does having cabin but no freedom makes slavery less cruel? Also very few plantations extended that luxury and who did was mainly because there was both abundance of space and wood in Americas.
Then comes the major revolutions over throw of colonies in north Americas, the revolution of France and over throw of the Louis, then comes the civil War in USA and end of official slavery in the part of the world.
Then comes the First World War and in its repercussions the Second World War. Like many historian the writer cars to mention the detail of Holocaust and but by giving the numbers of People who dies in China just like in Holocaust of Germany without distinction of age and gender and also four times the number and with same cruelty. But west tends to forget the what does not happens in west.
Two quotes from the book, maybe the most truthful things writer said
“Islam is often a puzzle. The west tends to clouds its origins in mystery.

And this one is how history flows:
“A history of Modern world could be so written that it was almost dominated by the wars between clans, tribes, nations and empires. Certainly, peace is more normal condition than war but war and peace are linked in their conditions. thus a memorable period of peace can depend on those outcomes of previous war and the enforcement of outcome.”

This books along with many nearly snide remarks clearly shows that education does not always means acceptance and ability to acknowledge those who do not have the same set of beliefs instead it can give you voice to transmit ones own racism and biasedness to those who may not have the knowledge and understanding of the world yet


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Today should truly be the black day in Pakistan. Because Pakistani hearts are turning black as charcoal,cold as ice and hard as diamonds. Because today innocence was murdered by those defined as Pakistani by law and Flag.

On Sunday 17th March two twin blasts took place in Lahore outside the Churches. A tragedy and an inhumane act of terrorism against humanity to target people in place of their faith. In world war II Japanese did this closing people in temples and gassing them. Those who tried to come out were shot. Terrorists are no different they target Masjids, shrines, Churches even schools.

When terrorists do something like this or things like this happen in was by enemies we can justify them acts of war and act of people with twisted mind set and agendas to destroy society and culture and defame religions. When a female principle was burned in a school we can at least know that she was mutilated that way, by men who did not know any better, the were brutes, inhuman, who were not one of us, they are enemies of are nation and need to be eradicated. We know who to fight against and from who to defend ourselves from.

At one place people despite of their religion reached the hospitals to donate blood for the victims of blasts. Country wide protests against the church blasts took place and on the other hand 2 men get murdered because people were angry at lose of their loved ones in the blasts??

When an angry mob of Pakistani’s burn two innocent men, in middle of roads beat them and burn them alive. What are we supposed to do than? Who are we supposed to fight against then? Who are we to blame then? How do we justify this? How do we understand this and explain this to ourselves?

These people who did the highest act of terrorism because they were not brainwashed suicide bombers, They were men drunk with anger. An unjustified anger. What happened to them has happened to so many other Pakistani’s so what gave then the right to do what they did? How was burning two men whose only crime was to be in wrong place and have beards different from burning a woman who happened to be principle of a school under siege of mad men?

What was done by this mob is an unforgivable act. Christians were not targeted because they were minority but because they were Pakistani. So many have died over course of years to this to the curse of terrorism. The terrorist time to time target minorities to bring a rift between us and i think they are succeeding. Shame on us for letting them come between us. Shame on every Pakistani who thinks the other Pakistani is trying to wipe them out. Shame on us for becoming our on enemies. Shame on us for acting like inhumane brutes and shame on us for joining hands with terrorists in spilling blood of innocent.

And shame on all those who justify this act of brutality as insecurity of minorities!! when there have been hundreds of attacks on Masjids and Imam bargahs!! how many Muslims have blamed Pakistani Christians for it how many have said, “we have died more in terrorism so you must be responsible for it”!! none, because we know terrorism is not act against a community but humanity!!!

Pakistani’s for sake of God which ever you believe in and sake of your children and for sake of sheer humanity wake up please!!!

Too far apart

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Cristian Mihai

many“There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words knowing that people from all over the world are going to read them. People of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of different religious beliefs. Most of them, I’ll never get a chance to meet. Most of them, I don’t know how they look like, what’s the thing they want most in this world, or what is it that they’re afraid of… most of them are perfect strangers to me.

Yet, simply by writing these words with these strangers in my mind, having the certainty that my words will reach them, they become a little bit more than strangers. They become human beings, just like myself, and that is one of life’s greatest achievements.

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<a href="http://The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I watched the movie for this book before i read it, When i watched the movie i was like “What a movie! no need to read the book.” it was a damn good movie.
And boy was i wrong. The book was all another experience. The book really humanizes the characters. They seem more real, their problems and personalities are so much more than what appeared on the screen. I would stop comparing because movies was pretty good and i am still high from they book so it is looking bleak in contrast.

The narrator of the book is teenager, and the writer did not evn took the time of the day to describe the way charlie looks because he does not have to. The feelings and situation speak for themselves. The book is written the way a teen would look at the world. He would see the highlights like long hair, pretty girls, jocks etc. But Charlie saw other things like when people did not want to smile, like when they were content and when they were pretending.

I am really interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other and does not like each other.

The book is about coming to understand who we are and where we come from. And who we want to be. Who want to be is one thing that puts the rest in perspective.

Not everyone has a sob story and even if they do its not an excuse.

Most of all about learning to appreciate the love and people and friends around us. Trying to participate and how much important it is say things at times. Regardless of them being harsh, sweet, cheesy, unpleasant they need to be said and said in the most right way as possible.
And my favorite line from the book

Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve.”

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