The Reluctant Fundamentalist: (Book & Movie)

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Firstly: The narrator of this book is the guy who grew up with the Pakistani dream, which is immigration and making a lot of money, and raising his and his family’s standard in the society. (Pakistani’s are excellent at doing hard work outside Pakistan, because they get an equal fighting chance also foreign money has more respect in this society than any other kind of money.) There is no actual plot to the book, its few months of life of a young Pakistani who also happens to be a Muslim. It is story of the time where being brown in America was nothing much, where everybody got an equal chance. The narrator saw that america which would fulfill his dreams and desires turn against him and finally push him to leave. The narration in this book is extremely one sided. The narrator is talking to someone, but it is never explained why and how the meeting came to be. In the end of the book which means the very last page, the narrator turns out to be part of some organization or hinted to be and the listener turns out to be an agent or hinted to be. Both details completely irrelevant and unexplained due to the plot. The movie on another hand was like all movies are it try’s to give account of all unsaid and unexplained things. It gives a background of the listener which is hinted to be some kind of agent in the book. In movie they make him dual agent an analyst of current events working for CIA. The narrator, they also give an innocent persona in the movie. The make him an academician activist mistaken to be part of terror group. Not actually a member as hinted in the book. Even though he was an academician activist and a lecturer in book. These additions in the movie along with change of venue which was tea shop in Anakali bazar in Lahore, in book, not tea shop in Lahore university as in movie. But the changes in movie were understandable if it was complete copy of the book it would have been very dissatisfying watch.


Secondly: The movie and the book were very refreshing, they capture America and its its recklessness and dual standards for non-Americas especially the Muslims of Asia. There is thing in this book, which i am tempted to quote

“It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should not imagine that we Pakistanis are all potential terrorists, just as we should not imagine that you Americans are all undercover assassins.”

in the movie they skip that line a “disappointment”. But there is something in the movie which i think needs to be said more often than it is:

The kidnapping of an American is about as heavy its gets for them.

How very true that statement is. That’s the worse that has happens to them. 3000 were lost in America and they said how can something like that came to be. We have lost more than 100000 in the wars initiated by Americans and that is not  the headline or a day that is mourned worldwide. Other than that more than 50000 have been just lost in Pakistan in terrorism. So kidnapping of an American is the worst for them, but for us, open fire on children has came to be.

 Lastly: Mohsin Hamid never fails to impress me, someday in near future i want to be a writer and he is the writer whose writing style i want to adopt. He iss quick, simple and compelling. He truly has a gift for conveying himself with most appropriate words without ever having to over explain himself.


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