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Jinnah Of Pakistan

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 one of the history’s most tenacious enigmatic figures
Every Pakistani knows quiet a bit about Muslim League History and final 10 years before partition. We have to. But there are many things we never hear. Quaid started as Muslim-Hindu unity ambassador. Was young, intelligent and a great believer of the constitution. He spent 24 years of his life struggling for Hindu Muslim unity denying all those who thought otherwise. Every effort was repudiated by the Congress and its leadership. It took 24 years of endless arguments, debates, conferences, dialogues and destruction of his marriage and loss of woman he loved to convince him that his endeavors were in vain. While reading this book i realized exactly how much humiliation he faced. How many doors were slammed on his face and how many time he was discarded, along with his opinions. Even after all that he kept his head high, he knew how to keep his composure and never to lose an argument, even though those arguments fell on deaf ears and he lost most of his early fights.
Than comes the second phase of his life, in which he appears as proud, vain, whimsical man. who remained adamant on his “crazy” demands as dubbed by the British viceroys, secretarys and governors of late 30s and 40s. Most Britishers thought of him as self indulgent man, who wanted glory. He was unreasonable, never had a valid argument and was most uncooperative. By this time Quaid had figured out that wasting his strained breath on people who would never actually listen to him even when they claimed differently was useless. He had already spent too much of his life arguing with them and had been utterly fruitless. He in 40s isolated himself, hiding his deteriorating health. Also he had lost complete trust in Congress and had grown a bit paranoid even of his own party leadership. He was a man who had been betrayed one too many times and was not about to lose this time around. And he did not. He lost his health, and his only daughter but did not lose this final fight. Many thought that Pakistan was his obsession one last attempt to show his rivals who and humiliated him, his true worth.
But people have known to talk and they will always, had always, would always, one thing is for sure a country can not be built on a man’s vanity and whim. It takes determination, will and loyalty to a true cause. All of which he had. Quaid was nothing if he was not, strategic, persistent and intent.
Mountbatten, the reason of the bloodiest partition of Punjab. Termed Jinnah as psychopathic man, who wanted nothing more than to be Governor General himself, Odd thing for him to say as he had shown strong desire to be GG of not one but two subcontinental domains at the same time!! Never the less Jinnah made his point with Battens multiple times. In being photographed at Battens Jinnah insisted that Lady Mountbatten should stand between him and the lord but the Lord and Lady insisted that Jinnah must stand between them. Which Quaid termed as  a rose between two thorns  what i would not give to see the expression on the faces of those insolent people, when Quaid made that pun.
There are few things i had problem on in this book. Number one whenever it comes to loss of the life of Hindus the writer gave figures but when it came to the massacre of Muslims the writer took great pains to keep the figures and religion of the deceased fuzzy. Many Muslim unfortunately and shamefully acted as hooligans but the crime against Muslims were 3 fold worse and organized and that was just the year of 47. There is no accounting before that and not to mention the horribleness in Calcutta the year before. And district of Gurdaspur, a Muslim Majority area given on purpose to India where Muslims were killed so extensively that they were whipped out.
Also the presidential address of Quaid

 “You are free, you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to nay other place of worship in this sate of Pakistan…. you may belong to nay religion caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State, … we are starting in the days where there is no discrimination, distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one caste creed or another. We are starting with this fundamental principle that we all are citizens and equal citizens of the State …. all members of the Nation.”

The writer questions what was he thinking about, when he said this? was he pleading for united India? why would he talk about religious harmony equality and unity and freedom when millions were migrating towards a “Muslim” state. Well answer is this Pakistan was to be free place for Muslims a place where discrimination on the bases given above would not exist and be condemned. He was not pleading for united India he was pleading for the brutality taking place on the both sides of border to stop. He wanted a Muslim state that stood for everything which had been denied to Muslims in one way or another. A state which would not treat its minorities the way they had been treated before.
All and all it was good book. There is not much on Quaid’s personal life, he was a very private man. Also a man who worked from 14 to 18 hours and even went to office at 8:30 in morning at age of 71 with cancer in his body hard for him a have a personal life. He had many allies eve more followers and even greater number of admirers but he had very few friends. And one companion his sister. He is the least talked about leader, least studied and least admired leader. Never the less he was a single man who brought the most unlikely people to work together and made a weak party into the 2nd largest party of the India and placed Pakistan on the map. If that man was not one of the greatest leader of the modern world than i do not know who is.


It’s A Long Story

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Well I discovered this TV show in January. I was sold on it as soon I learned that the hero and the narrator was a 200 year old immortal.
The story revolves around a doctor who was turned immortal 200 years ago by a gunshot in heart. He woke and every time after that he dies he is reborn in the water. Henry Morgan works at the morgue of NYPD. Been there about 6 years. Now being 200 years old means that he knows about things and death very well. Because he has died numerous times by various diseases, have been murdered and died in accidents. Only thing he does not die of is old age.
The show is basically a cop show in a way, as Dr. Henry Morgan ends up working with two homicide detectives once he unique set of skills to read crime scenes and especially gather clues from the dead bodies is discovered. There is also a background story not much but certainly few flashback scenes mostly involving his late wife; Abigail. Henry also has an adopted son who actually is the most funny character of the story; Abraham or Abe. Well Abe is old in late 60s. And can be bit hilarious when he calls Henry dad which is rare but at times he does.
There show is not very complicated, there is suspense but not very much. It is kind of show that by the end of every episode things look up. Or the Doctor says something very smart and nice. This show makes one laugh. It’s not funny show but is good.
Really hope they do continue to the next season. One of the good new seasons.

Hold Me Close

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Lair of a Wordsmith ©

Hold me close
As if you’d never leave me
Love me more
As if you’d never leave me

This world of indifferences
The art of lies fed
With passion to rival the truth
Destroying the sense of self

Your words full of love
Your voice drenched in passion
A want, a need, a promise
Those nights of deep intimacy

Losing all the meaning
When your silence reins supreme
Bringing back to earth
My sense of being a beloved

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Any thoughts

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I wanted to write something other than book reviews, don’t want my blog purely to be about books or politics and serious stuff so thought i should branch out. But i don’t know what i would blog about. Thought about writing reviews on movies or TV shows i watch enough of them but decided against it for the moment. As i am a multitask-er, so i never remember the good dialogues. i have to re watch the whole thing or find that moment to again than listen to it to and write it down. Well that is to much hustle to just write a blog about a movie. So what do you unknowns think i should write about??

The Thousand Splendid Suns ( it took me a while to understand what the title stood for)

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A Thousand Splendid SunsA Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The reason i bought thousand splendid suns was because i had watched the Kite runner. i had liked that movie and heard a lot of positive things about the writer.
Now when i read this book i gave it 5 stars but i was on a high the one you get after reading a fantastically tragic ending. But after that i have questioned every single detail.

The good parts ( from writing point of view)

Firstly: The Mariam part of the story is very good. It is something very understandable, relate-able and something we all from east have heard, seen or observed (unfortunately). Her naivety, her innocence and infinite believe in humanity. Like every good woman in Asia her effort were pointless and she was blamed for everything which was not her fault. Her consolation and peace was in Quran, one gift she received as a child and probably only highlight of her life.
Secondly: Rasheed, a loner, a widower, who technically buys his very young bride. In the start the guy is good, even considerate. But all his considerations were purely selfish. No children are indeed a sadness. But like a typical introvert he victimizes himself for having to live with such a woman who cannot give him the only thing he wants while he is provides everything for her. In this again the writer depicts a very typical thinking like earning and providing is favor men do, not a obligation given to them by Allah. But than religion restrictions are only for the woman, typically for the obedient and submissive woman. His hatred towards his wife is more because she was not young anymore. Another very perverted thinking which is not actually thought to be very degenerate as it should be.
Thirdly: Laila was like 14 when he entered her in the book, a very young age to be so mature and responsible and to have such a understanding of world. It felt like she was a grown woman not a adolescent. The war, her marriage to Rasheed the suffering and her relation with Mariam was another was again understandable. There was not much character building in this character.

The parts i strongly disagreed with

In Laila’s character writer tried to show an educated class, the class who valued education above religion. He separated education and religion. Religion was a setback while modern education was key to open and better minds. What a clique. Oddly enough religion is followed only by illiterate idiots or perverts and anyone with education does not need religion.
Another thing it was not that Laila and Jalil relation was unforgivable but it was the fact that writer made it look like it was alright that it was actually appropriate, and it was how unapologetic Laila was. Rasheed probably was the last person on earth who deserved loyalty. But then faith does not depend on how people treat you it depends upon us and our actions despite the situation and state. (It was not that Laila’s self defense mechanism was wrong.)

Mariam’s ending was as good it possibly could be, she believed. The writer should have put a little more effort in developing Laila’s character. She was the legacy she could have been little more flexible and accepting when i say that i don’t mean her situation with her first husband. At times she came of as stubborn child not a wise woman. But than i agreed with Laila on many parts it is that this book made me want to defend my religion and books like that could be very hard for me to enjoy without being sulky.

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