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84 Charing cross raod

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You know those awesome things you think only exist in fiction and those relations that are only trait of fictional people. Well they are not. A friendship across Atlantic based solely on books. For the love of words, for the love of antiquity. Its short, its funny, its a journey. a dose of nostalgia. someone else’s reality and for readers to cozy up and let the imagination roam with reins off..84 charing cross raod


Woman in metro

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She stood swaying with the momentum of the bus. Her one arm encircling the pole for support, her other holding her infant against her shoulder. She had a bag in her hand which she clutched tightly. Her face was deviod of all emotion.she did not look happy or sad, she did look poor. Her worn out shirt that allowed glimpse of her swollen stomach was proof of that. But she did not feel poor. She moved ever so slightly when new passengers got on. Always trying desperately to hold on to that pole. No one offered the sick looking woman with a infant on her shoulder a seat nor did she try to grab one when passengers got off. Probably in life of constants discomforts another 40 minutes of standing in a packed bus did not feel like much. When her infant woke up it did not cry. Just rubbed it’s face against it’s bearer’s shoulder. She smiled at her infant. You know how they write in the romantic novels “her eyes lighted up when she saw him”. I saw that for the first time in my more then score of a life. I saw that woman’s eyes light up with real stars in them or it was the sun reflecting when she looked at her child. I saw her lips curve in the that smile which can light up half the town as in taylor swift ‘s song. I realized that woman was not sad or happy, or why she did not feel poor. She was alone and that child at her shoulder in a small reflexive action of opening her eyes had taken away that loneliness. She got of after that. I will always remember her for her smile.
Everything looks less bigger when you are with someone to walk over it with. Lives seems worth fighting for if you have someone to share it with.
-Zarish Fatima


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so i loved this book. I simply was really excited.  I mean you know the happity dippity feeling you get when you end a book. I got that feeling after finishing this book. And  i had that feeling for last 200 pages of it.
Now this is simply  a long book.1000 pages easy. Based on the pages one can divide the book in three parts. Though this book is already divided in 4 books but if you are someone like me who does not even notice these partitions until someone points them out. Then it is 3 part book.
Part 1 has details and character foundation and settings. It is built up part. If you have read LOTR  and liked it then the first 300 pages is choclate fudge cake for you.
Next 400 pages you start the hike things starts to swill. Things are put in motion and you start to understand. There is a lot of confusion and indecision.. Imagine order of Phoenix and multiply Harry’s confusion and anger witth every single character in the book..also Its the point where you are actually starting to remember the million names and cultures and start to get used to and actually remember the names.. There are aLot of things in this book for the first 700 pages which do not make sense but they all will eventually.
The last part of the book like most books is a complete rush.. I read 200 or so pages in two attempts that is how good it got.
The book is named WAY OF KINGS why would you not want to read it anyway!!!
The reason I have not discussed the story of the book because it along with being epic high fantasy is a mystery too.. So yeah one has to read it. Without being told what it is about, or the fun can be spoiled like milk on hot day.
Has all the correct elements honor, fall, end of the world, what it means to be better then that in true sense, heroes and villians both excellent in their domain..they grey Jedi and all for greater good philosophy..
As Tolkein says there is no story without fall.
we human always write of fall cause that is all we cause is what we see our selves to be as.this is story of fall with the fallen and phoneix.

“When we are young,” Jasnah said, “we want simple answers. There is no greater indication of youth, perhaps, than the desire for everything to be as it should. As it has ever been.”