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For last few days the debate that a guard should not have slapped the journalist has  been the hot topic, there is a division like there always is, this was show of patriarchy, he should be arrested, he should not have slapped her  that was fundamentally wrong.

This is not even a debate which covers the real problem,

  1. NADRA offices are not place to go make your 5 minute piece of news, those guys are always over worked and it’s not easy catering to 180 million population, making B-forms, ID cards, renewing ID cards, and all sort of things those people have to do. I have been there three times, first when we needed to register B-form and had birth certificate problem. Second for my CNIC and third when I lost my CNIC and had to get  new one. I did not see one person sitting and chilling, and belive it or not the waiting lines were pretty damn straight. Not saying every branch of NADRA is good, but if anyone noticed from the video it was the journalist who was over excited about slow working of the department, not the silent people standing there.
  2. Since when is it wrong for a constable to do his duty? Apparently according to media it is.  Telling them to get off the government property which was him just doing what he was supposed to do, they were not allowed there, were trespassing and it was within his rights to remove them with force.
  3. Pulling at FC’s uniform, crowding him, saying “tumhara ghar maa, behan hai ka nae”. As unprofessional as possible, attacking his modesty, insulting a man in front of crowd for doing what he is required to do. Where does “maa behen” reference comes in this show of bullying really  outrages me, when you talk about equality you don’t use crutches of “maa behan”. When you are calling yourself a “journalist” a professional, you definitely don’t use crutches “of weaker sex”.
  4. He slapped her, she pulled at his shirt first, how can that be ignored, this is Pakistan a country where no  ‘modest’  women wants to touched aggressively  by an unknown or known  male, and where no “modest” man wants to touched by aggressively by unknown or known  female. Not in Pakistan but such practise is strongly hated by all humans , animals and I assume plants too.
  5. Insulting a constable, a man whose qualification is only higher secondary, who has a salary which barely helps him make ends meet, who stands outside an office day in and day out, in all weathers, who only prides that he has “izzat(honor)” and “wardi(uniform)” what happens if someone takes all what, a working man has, in front of a crowd in front of camera for all the world to see? What about the right to pride of a such person, what about his right to modesty? Why is he required to show restrain and respect when a much more educated, more worldly person is not, even demonstrating an ounce of it? Better flush the modern education and exposure down the drain than.

This was not a twitter joke, it was not about women rights, it was not about how slow NADRA is, this was not some officer of Armed forces with attitude, this was just a constable  and asshole with camera and power of unforgiving, always judging jury of digital media.

Is not it ironic no matter whose side this jury sits on an ordinary person still loses?


4 thoughts on “The Breaking News Stint

    osama Hashmi said:
    October 28, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    You are working great.
    Have you written all of content yourself?
    Plus i want to follow you on instagram?

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    Ravian719 said:
    October 30, 2016 at 11:02 am

    This incident of power reminds me of a short story by Edgar Poe’s Hop-Frog. I want to share a little bit of the story in a sentence or two. So, the monarch insulted his jester (an inferior person) in his court among his ministers and the monarch was a powerful being but the jester was not. It was a Do or Die situation for the jester to demand his respect back because it was all that he had in his life. In the end, he killed the king and his ministers. Was it justified? The answer is no, it was not. Did he had any other way to get what he wanted from the cruel justice providers? Maybe not. But don’t you think that taking the illegitimate power in his own hands was wrong. No doubt that the journalist did wrong and the guard had to take some steps to throw them out of the property. But, miss with all due respect, considering i’m not defending anybody (a king or a jester), was it justified?

    p.s: Your cat looks so awww-like-fluffy. Just.. Wow


      zarish94fatima responded:
      November 3, 2016 at 6:24 pm

      like I said no matter which side we are on, an ordinary person still loses. There is a case of violence against a woman a very sensitive topic which was justified wrongly in light of this drama, and harassing or even assaulting those we consider our lesser. This was not a win-lose situation, it was lose-lose situation. But in ideal world we could have talked about justification, but in real world things are not like that we are held responsible for the situations we land ourselves in and then some.

      And thankyou, his name is kiki.


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