Month: May 2017

Mistborn Trilogy

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I recently finished the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I would recommend these books to everyone! It does not matter if you do not read fantasy or fiction. If you are someone who tries to form relation between,Ā  what you read to what you know, feel and are told, the chances of this series disappointing you are pretty thin.


  1. The first book of the series, focuses on the world building. It focuses on the revolution against the governing system. The difference between the skaa(proletarian) and the nobility. It shows the hard side of revolution, where the revolutionaries are not just like Martin Luther King but also like Malcolm X. It is about how you can not put everyone in one box just because they belong to certain community. It is about how you need to know the other side of the story to get some what distorted picture of the truth(actually this concept is in all three books).
  2. The second book is post revolution. It is about political morality. About the morality of the law. How the best intentions to create an ideal environment can backfire if you don’t face the reality of the circumstances and consider the experience of others. How human nature is a variable that many theories are unable to put right value in. It is about leadership. And coming of age,maturing because of the events in your life than years.
  3. This book really deals with times when we are running out of hope. It is about faith and what is tangible and what is not. It is about coming to terms with your limitations and making most of the given situation. It is actually about finding the balance and how most of the decisions you make as an adult our reflection of what you are and what you inspire to be, so be very thoughtful about them. (the ending was phenomenally great)
  4. If you are fantasy buff this is your trough. (it rhymed, so I had to say it)
  5. If you like science fiction this series definitely will be a good read, if not great.
  6. If you like suspense and mystery, it definitely has all that. It has so much mystery and such great story line progression that I am afraid to even discuss the characters for it easily can be spoiler for someone.
  7. You like to read books with concept of wars and good fighting scenes this happens to have more than enough of that.
  8. One of the best character development trajectories you will read.


It can be little slow and long. I mean Sanderson easily writes 700+ pages novels( I am very grateful for that) and all three of these books are that long. But considering it is a mystery and there so many questions you are desperately seeking answers off, he does take, his sweet time getting there and if you are like me: An impatient reader, this book can cause some serious disruptions in your routinešŸ˜…. (I actually read the last two pages of the last book, so I don’t burst with curiosity.Excuse: I had some serious university work to do and had no time to read for few days)


We should have a Sanderson fan club in bookay it is about time. He is one of those writers who really discusses a lot of political theories and religious propaganda in his books.