Here is the thing. This blog is all about things which are around me or matter to me at any level. I like to read a lot. And watch movies and give opinions even when they are not asked for. Personally i fancy myself an objective person. When people disagree with me on basis of no factual reason it pisses me off more than Israel does.

I am a Pakistani i like to state that on all my public profiles. Because apparently for some of my fellow countrymen it is shame to tell where they come from. Seeing and reading what a crazy and hypocrite place the world is, i say, i come from a pretty good place.

My experience in life is sufficient some might call it minimal but they do not know me well. Have not seen much out of my bubble of life and at times am so glad for it. other times i want to experience what it feels like to be someone who is not me. I wish at times it possible for me to read minds just to know who people come up with most ridiculous reasoning and most ridiculous lies, and what the heck were they thinking. Especially politicians and journalists. You might wonder why would i pick such minds to dwell in. Well these minds are the one which have come up with most weird things, things one might not imagine to take place or to be said but they make it routine and habit.

i have two cats, my ami used to hate having them in home because the hair but she loves them more then we do now. Cats and books are what make it easier for me to cope the tsunami of controversy which is taking place in the Muslim World.

And yeah all those who love to comment and write books on Islam being a conservative religion and its violent and on Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) and all the insults they give him and our religion . I pity your lack of knowledge and your non-existent faith. And remember i do not hate you, one can not hate a poor illiterate and unenlightened person it is same as hating a poor person for being poor or a handicap for not being fully functional. Also it is useless to argue with imbeciles.



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    Osama Hashmi said:
    April 25, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    Good Job (Y)
    Keep it up (Y)


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