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Today should truly be the black day in Pakistan. Because Pakistani hearts are turning black as charcoal,cold as ice and hard as diamonds. Because today innocence was murdered by those defined as Pakistani by law and Flag.

On Sunday 17th March two twin blasts took place in Lahore outside the Churches. A tragedy and an inhumane act of terrorism against humanity to target people in place of their faith. In world war II Japanese did this closing people in temples and gassing them. Those who tried to come out were shot. Terrorists are no different they target Masjids, shrines, Churches even schools.

When terrorists do something like this or things like this happen in was by enemies we can justify them acts of war and act of people with twisted mind set and agendas to destroy society and culture and defame religions. When a female principle was burned in a school we can at least know that she was mutilated that way, by men who did not know any better, the were brutes, inhuman, who were not one of us, they are enemies of are nation and need to be eradicated. We know who to fight against and from who to defend ourselves from.

At one place people despite of their religion reached the hospitals to donate blood for the victims of blasts. Country wide protests against the church blasts took place and on the other hand 2 men get murdered because people were angry at lose of their loved ones in the blasts??

When an angry mob of Pakistani’s burn two innocent men, in middle of roads beat them and burn them alive. What are we supposed to do than? Who are we supposed to fight against then? Who are we to blame then? How do we justify this? How do we understand this and explain this to ourselves?

These people who did the highest act of terrorism because they were not brainwashed suicide bombers, They were men drunk with anger. An unjustified anger. What happened to them has happened to so many other Pakistani’s so what gave then the right to do what they did? How was burning two men whose only crime was to be in wrong place and have beards different from burning a woman who happened to be principle of a school under siege of mad men?

What was done by this mob is an unforgivable act. Christians were not targeted because they were minority but because they were Pakistani. So many have died over course of years to this to the curse of terrorism. The terrorist time to time target minorities to bring a rift between us and i think they are succeeding. Shame on us for letting them come between us. Shame on every Pakistani who thinks the other Pakistani is trying to wipe them out. Shame on us for becoming our on enemies. Shame on us for acting like inhumane brutes and shame on us for joining hands with terrorists in spilling blood of innocent.

And shame on all those who justify this act of brutality as insecurity of minorities!! when there have been hundreds of attacks on Masjids and Imam bargahs!! how many Muslims have blamed Pakistani Christians for it how many have said, “we have died more in terrorism so you must be responsible for it”!! none, because we know terrorism is not act against a community but humanity!!!

Pakistani’s for sake of God which ever you believe in and sake of your children and for sake of sheer humanity wake up please!!!