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Summer is ending.. Nights are getting cooler.. You can feel the heat fading away.. There is another month till proper climate change.. But the timings of namaz are moving closer. The small changes are here.
Tomorrow my university starts as does of many others.. New semester new session.. A new beginning.. Today i spent quiet some time cleaning up and finding my old stuff.. What i ended up finding was 100 rupees in change.. Ah what a great feeling that was…. Also i bought like a bunch of pens though i dont need any of them.. I have like alot of pens and pencils leftover from the previous semester but i am me, the person who is crazy about stationary even the completely uneccessaory one….

New pens. Colored pointers.. Pencils i dont need and a dozen ballpoints
Old ballpoints. Highlighter which i barely used.. Pointers which are chewed up but work just fine..
These coins were every where in pencil bag all pockets of my backpack and in my purse..

I dont know why but today i feel really good.. I hope this feeling stays….

Today is also a defence day.. Though i have my reservations about the war. There is no doubt about the bravery and valor of our soilders and civilians alike in the war of 65′. Long live Pakistan….


My Book Shopping…..

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