Moments of Beauty…..

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So my university is a crowded place most of the time. Only time it is not crowded is 7:15 in the morning. And being a government university, some places known as public sector institution, the planning and administration are quiet questionable.


But walking towards my classroom i look at still fresh sky and budding trees and air which has not turned stale yet. I take time to look around me at trees at sky, without people thinking it is weird that i am taking pictures of things which are there everyday, and are not considered particularly very pretty, but i completely disagree with them so i took some pictures. the  main reason for taking and finding those things so beautiful is the current situation of the world. We are in such a mess everything is crazy and screwed up everyone finds a reason to blame someone. But somehow world still maintains its beauty. it was created beautiful and still is we just need to give a damn to see.