When will be it be enough? When will we stop dying for being us?

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Twin blasts at in Sanna, Yemen. They are not making the international diplomats turn in their chairs. Everyone was quick to tweet and give press release including the Pope when 10 Christians died on Sunday, Lahore 15th March. But only five days later number of and children and men die during Friday prayer. Where are those humanitarians????

Why is the world not jumping up and down for the justice? why is their silence?

those who keep quiet when scores of Muslims die are the ones funding these so called ISIS or Daish, TTP. The so called muslim mujahids are mercenaries on the payroll of those conservative Muslim Haters in their expensive suits and fat accounts and with blood as white and as their skins. They are real extremists who won’t speak up for the death and loss of Muslim and those who say our religion teaches us violence when they do not know the first thing about Islam.

They are destroying are countries and destroying are homes and killing our sons and are blaming us for the terrorism while we lose most to this pointless and mindless and aimless war of terror.

when will these mindless war stop has it not claimed enough sons? has it not orphaned enough? has it not crippled enough? has it not wrecked enough homes yet? has it not destroyed enough economies? has it not spilled enough blood?

for sake of which ever God you believe in. For sake of your children for sake of whatever you believe in. Just stop the killing. Stop the killing before this fire burns your own homes down. In that moment you will realize what monster you have built. Then pointing finger and blame games won’t bring back those you lose. Just the way those we have lost.