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For last few days the debate that a guard should not have slapped the journalist has  been the hot topic, there is a division like there always is, this was show of patriarchy, he should be arrested, he should not have slapped her  that was fundamentally wrong.

This is not even a debate which covers the real problem,

  1. NADRA offices are not place to go make your 5 minute piece of news, those guys are always over worked and it’s not easy catering to 180 million population, making B-forms, ID cards, renewing ID cards, and all sort of things those people have to do. I have been there three times, first when we needed to register B-form and had birth certificate problem. Second for my CNIC and third when I lost my CNIC and had to get  new one. I did not see one person sitting and chilling, and belive it or not the waiting lines were pretty damn straight. Not saying every branch of NADRA is good, but if anyone noticed from the video it was the journalist who was over excited about slow working of the department, not the silent people standing there.
  2. Since when is it wrong for a constable to do his duty? Apparently according to media it is.  Telling them to get off the government property which was him just doing what he was supposed to do, they were not allowed there, were trespassing and it was within his rights to remove them with force.
  3. Pulling at FC’s uniform, crowding him, saying “tumhara ghar maa, behan hai ka nae”. As unprofessional as possible, attacking his modesty, insulting a man in front of crowd for doing what he is required to do. Where does “maa behen” reference comes in this show of bullying really  outrages me, when you talk about equality you don’t use crutches of “maa behan”. When you are calling yourself a “journalist” a professional, you definitely don’t use crutches “of weaker sex”.
  4. He slapped her, she pulled at his shirt first, how can that be ignored, this is Pakistan a country where no  ‘modest’  women wants to touched aggressively  by an unknown or known  male, and where no “modest” man wants to touched by aggressively by unknown or known  female. Not in Pakistan but such practise is strongly hated by all humans , animals and I assume plants too.
  5. Insulting a constable, a man whose qualification is only higher secondary, who has a salary which barely helps him make ends meet, who stands outside an office day in and day out, in all weathers, who only prides that he has “izzat(honor)” and “wardi(uniform)” what happens if someone takes all what, a working man has, in front of a crowd in front of camera for all the world to see? What about the right to pride of a such person, what about his right to modesty? Why is he required to show restrain and respect when a much more educated, more worldly person is not, even demonstrating an ounce of it? Better flush the modern education and exposure down the drain than.

This was not a twitter joke, it was not about women rights, it was not about how slow NADRA is, this was not some officer of Armed forces with attitude, this was just a constable  and asshole with camera and power of unforgiving, always judging jury of digital media.

Is not it ironic no matter whose side this jury sits on an ordinary person still loses?


Conditional Equity

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Its 12th of December and we are 4 days away from the 1st anniversary of one of the  most tragic incidents happened on civilian population “not in war zone” in this decade.

Around 140  and more children were killed in brutal shooting whose coverage in international media to be honest was non existent. Because lets face it nobody cares when Muslim dies even if they are kids and they even careless if they are in Pakistan because these kids according to the western microscope are potential terrorists.

People keep on posting please don’t compare Paris attack to the APS Peshawar attack . I did not last month but i will today. Lets compare every single inch. Paris attack has been talked and condemned by every single president on every single platform. Twitter was choked with hatred and radicalism by seemingly “enlightened and better” western counterparts who thought exterminating 1.57 billion Muslims was solution of their problems.

People in Paris attack were traced, their stories found and published their friends family shown mourning. Their dreams, hopes, careers explained to pain stalking details to show the pain and loss of their lives and to denounce the method of their death.

What about the kids who died in APS attacks? they were of ages 14 to 16 their graduation from school only few months away .They were kids deciding which university they were going to go to what career they will choose. They were at brink of new beginnings. What about their pain their stories those parents who will never see their sons again those mothers who tended them through sickness, injured knees and elbows to the point they were now able to take care of themselves. They would never know what it would have been like to see their years of hard work and nourishing excel and grow.

Does anyone even ask about those father who have been fighting real war of terrorism in FATA for more then a year defending their borders their country, their country men  and minimizing the threat of terrorism for the rest of world from that particular area, what they felt when they knew that their own kids have been murdered in the most ruthless manner known? It tears me up every time to think about those fathers who were defending humanity fighting the good war but could not save their own kids? What about them? What about their pain? their loss? What about them!!

What about the kids who survived that attack? What do they feel going back to school when their friends are dead? What do those parents feel when thy see their sons which were returned from the mouth of death walk out of the door? Someone so young should not have to deal with that. they should not have to be covered in the blood of their friends they should not have to go through that.

Yeah that is right their is no comparison between APS attack Peshawar and Paris attack their is just no comparison between the situation and what a show of inequality, arrogance, disproportion and disrespect the APS attack martyrs and survivors were handled with just no comparison.

Yesterday was Friday, we Muslims consider it to be a holy day of the week. The day most people try to make to the Namaz Jumma (prayer performed by men in Masjid in afternoon). There was a fire bomb in a Mosque in California,  that news did not even make the top five headlines of MSN news which due to my browser i am follow on regular basis. The news that was present told less about the fire bomb and more about the shooting that happened in San Bernardino.

So the message here for every one including me is from the whole situation ” Every time there will be an attack of violence against Muslims it will be pushed under covers while indirectly making it look like it can be on a level be justified or even glorified by some  as a reaction of the San Bernardino shooting or Paris Attacks or some other act of terrorism .The people who are not Muslim matter more then those are Muslim. Hammer that in you heads already. “

There is no such thing as equality there is no such thing as respect tolerance or whatever the synonym to those words are and used. I am just sad that I would have to live in this intolerant world and that my family will be in this intolerant world. The way things are these  days makes me want to shrivel up inside my self.

What a tragedy we are what a tragedy humanity is in all its scientific progress and glory its modernization and liberalization is proving to be. Makes one wonder the point of progress. What ever that is.



Lets talk about our I’s and isms.

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I am so bloody angry. I feel like am I am going to suffocate under all the hate that we have for each other in this country. I don’t know where the idea of Pakistan went so damn wrong. We might as well just nuke each other off. Its not we are doing anything with our “atomic” abilities any way .

First there are our “I’s” Pathan, Pashtun ( mind the difference) Punjabi, Sindi, Balochi, once upon time there were Bengali but now they have their own country.

I have seen more tolerance in street dogs when a another wanders in their territory than I have seen in most Pakistani’s for one another. Every single one of us is convinced that they have got it right. “12 kitabain parhta hai aur Aalim ban jata hai saray paraha likha jahil”.

The division in Pakistan is far more complex than most complex chemical formula. We just don’t have a sectarian problem in this country if we only had the sectarian problem life will be half less complicated than it is at the moment. We have a theism and atheism problem. We have liberal and conservative problem. We have a problem with the rich and we have problem with poor. We have a problem with elite culture and we have problem with middle class culture. We have problem with army and there are the ones who happen to worship it. We are democracy lovers and what we love more is making it fail. We have an obsession with freedom what we can not seem to get is freedom does not mean a license to act like wayward imbeciles. Then we have a problem how people dress, women who wear burqa or do niqab are “fundos” and who wear jeans and tees are “baegairat”. The “modern educated class” call the people with beards “taliban” or “harbourers of taliban” either as joke or seriously .You freaking assholes that is insulting! You do know that your Prophet(S.A.W) had a beard? Even Hazrat Issa (A.s) or Jesus Christ had one!

The other class call them moulvis or hajjis either as joke or so seriously that they think these people might be personification of angels (that is a exaggeration but lower income class trust in people with beard is quiet misled) and leads to things which are too shameful and screwed up to even imagine.

Then comes the “-isms” bane of our lives. There is Wahhabism, Sunnism, Shi’ism’, Barelvism, Ahle-hadith, Isma’ilism, these are the ones I know. Not to mention few whose correct spellings I am unaware of or am forgetting them. Honestly there is just not enough land to give everyone their own separate state.

But then came the educated class who love to talk about things they don’t really face. Some how we love our stereotypes. Extremist exist everywhere, in every single kind of sect, ethnicity and culture or what ever separation you happen to believe in. lets not even mention the role of electronic media whose sole job is to provide the news that really does not exist or to blow things out of proportion to a scale that out smarts most of the showbiz tabloids.

In our country the new popular culture and favorite status update seems to be of bashing religious people. On other hand we have the ones who happen to think “facebook” and “twitter” are the platforms to preach religion.

Seriously people wake up thanks to you all we have “Sunni-Islam” and “Shia-Islam”.

Here is a hint for everyone whatever you say won’t change the thoughts people who are prone to think you are a infidel. “itna naaike ka bacha hota na tum saab, tu facebook pa status upload karna wala halaat nae hota”.

So in good nice words get over your self and stop wagging your tongues on each and every incident and stop giving them shape they don’t really have. “khala ka ghar tum logo ka?” Freedom of speech ki maa behan aik kar ka rakh dye hai tum logo na.

There are things you say among friends. That is voicing of unformed ideas. That is thinking brainstorming. Printing your brainstorming for the world to see is really ridiculous. And more over they come off not liberal or cool but as naïve and prejudiced. You are not young enough to come off naïve and not old enough to be forgiven for your prejudices. Imagine every writer starts publishing his or hers first idea of novel? that would suck wont it. Even if it was Tolkein or Rowling or Grisham or who ever. You are neither of those people so imagine how much you suck.

Next time you feel like bashing anyone by that I mean anyone (excluding ISIS only people who no one have enough words to describe) just think that some one is dumping a bucket full of rotten eggs on you. The smell is disgusting just like your words who hurt people who feel insulted by them when they are being blamed for things they never did and never even thought. You with your “honest saying” and “so called truth” are brewing same hate and intolerance which is done by ISIS rockets and AK47s.

This post is for all the wanna be revolutionaries and liberals and free thinkers and smart people and conservatives who think social websites are perfect place for verbal vomits. Congrats facebook and twitter activists and the flag bearers of truth you have out done yourselves once again.

When will be it be enough? When will we stop dying for being us?

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Twin blasts at in Sanna, Yemen. They are not making the international diplomats turn in their chairs. Everyone was quick to tweet and give press release including the Pope when 10 Christians died on Sunday, Lahore 15th March. But only five days later number of and children and men die during Friday prayer. Where are those humanitarians????

Why is the world not jumping up and down for the justice? why is their silence?

those who keep quiet when scores of Muslims die are the ones funding these so called ISIS or Daish, TTP. The so called muslim mujahids are mercenaries on the payroll of those conservative Muslim Haters in their expensive suits and fat accounts and with blood as white and as their skins. They are real extremists who won’t speak up for the death and loss of Muslim and those who say our religion teaches us violence when they do not know the first thing about Islam.

They are destroying are countries and destroying are homes and killing our sons and are blaming us for the terrorism while we lose most to this pointless and mindless and aimless war of terror.

when will these mindless war stop has it not claimed enough sons? has it not orphaned enough? has it not crippled enough? has it not wrecked enough homes yet? has it not destroyed enough economies? has it not spilled enough blood?

for sake of which ever God you believe in. For sake of your children for sake of whatever you believe in. Just stop the killing. Stop the killing before this fire burns your own homes down. In that moment you will realize what monster you have built. Then pointing finger and blame games won’t bring back those you lose. Just the way those we have lost.

Reign of Irrelevence

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Things have taken a very sharp turn in Pakistani politics that has become a general delusion in last few months. The only turn things have taken in last few months is for the worst if they were bad before. And our electronic media has not been very helpful in containing it. There are more than a half dozen channels who are dedicated 24/7 to news. Which is an extremely unnecessary number of news channels to have, considering the most of news they do deliver is completely baseless and irrelevant. Breaking news has become a joke in last few months. There was one every day, on nearly every channel in which one statement was provided which makes no sense and is repeated continuously, like there was a competition of vocabulary going on “who can say the same thing in most different ways”.

Journalism is supposed to be based upon factualism and realism, in which all the sides are of thing are analyzed and reported without biasedness. Everyone has opinions, opinions become a problem when they are more promoted as the truth. However the truth or the facts have become the most irrelevant things to deliver in today’s media. In the first months of sit-ins, certain private news channels gave 24 hour coverage of sit-ins in D-square without running any other news or advertisement. A very questionable behavior which went unquestioned. How can these channels claim to be objective and claim to authenticity if they cannot judge that all the other things going on in the Pakistan are irrelevant compared?

During September there was a brief flood last year which surprisingly got the coverage despite the sit-ins Devastation caused by it was readily blamed on the current government. What I failed to comprehend was why the Famine and drought in Thar did not get the coverage. Why the political and non-political people who have being claiming themselves to be the saviors of the suffering and the poor choose to ignore so completely thousands of people dying in the heat of desert from starvation, one of the worst ways to die from all the ways a person can die. Was the temperature there too extreme for the liberals and the open-minded freedom talkers? Or were these illiterate under privileged not the worth the time of educated and sophisticated class of Pakistan or the revolution and change was only for those who could finance it and help will be given only where there is a camera to advertise it?

During months of the sit-ins literally billions have been spend, all to bring about a change in the chain of thought, to break people out of their shells and make them care for their surroundings. While at the same time thousands were losing their homes dying of starvation. What change can be expected from those when the foundations of heir construction are built on what every other system had done before them? Ignoring and suppressing the voice of most needy and only doing what serves there best interest without taking them out of their comfort zones or challenging ay real enemies like Landlords of Sindh.  How much could have been done if this money would have been invested to the rehabilitation of the people of Thar. Would not that have been a change unheard of? What kind of revolution is it that everyday hundred thousands of rupees are being spent on food, fuel and promotion when few hundred miles south thousands are starving? Why is that not something that comes in every breaking news? Or does everyone need to die from a bomb blast to make anyone care anything less goes unnoticed.

Our anchor personal have started an unannounced campaign to unveil corruption, disgrace the political leaders, or to highlight all the things which are wrong with judicial system, if that is not enough they will pick some random religious cleric and start to prove how these religious people are spreading hatred and sectarian system. I have never seen this kind unity for cause, outside of cricket. What these claimer of honesty and provider of truth “based on facts” did not unite upon was and is unaccountable target killings and kidnapping happening in Karachi, or bullets fired by Indians, or how a people of Thar starved or while Festivals were being held or how a training CSS officer is burned behind locked doors and there is no explanation. We have lost so many good men in those violent and unjustifiable acts but no one unites no one executes these murderers in their talk shows like they execute the corrupt. Somehow they never can find the men made of flesh and blood or identify them or figure out who they work for, as they kill openly in middle of the streets, in daylight. But they can always find no- existent paper trail of corruption. Or what political people do in the privacy of their homes and deals done behind the closed doors. Truth has become an irrelevant accessory these days. Anchor personal are the most important people in our system they somehow have gained the right to execute the people and judge everyone without any consequences for their statements. They determine what is important and what is relevant. They can say whatever they want to whoever they want without any restrictions, moderation and censorship and their words lack an ounce of truth and it does not matter because everyone is en-titled to free expression as long it is made by someone who can sell themselves well.