Henry Morgan

It’s A Long Story

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Well I discovered this TV show in January. I was sold on it as soon I learned that the hero and the narrator was a 200 year old immortal.
The story revolves around a doctor who was turned immortal 200 years ago by a gunshot in heart. He woke and every time after that he dies he is reborn in the water. Henry Morgan works at the morgue of NYPD. Been there about 6 years. Now being 200 years old means that he knows about things and death very well. Because he has died numerous times by various diseases, have been murdered and died in accidents. Only thing he does not die of is old age.
The show is basically a cop show in a way, as Dr. Henry Morgan ends up working with two homicide detectives once he unique set of skills to read crime scenes and especially gather clues from the dead bodies is discovered. There is also a background story not much but certainly few flashback scenes mostly involving his late wife; Abigail. Henry also has an adopted son who actually is the most funny character of the story; Abraham or Abe. Well Abe is old in late 60s. And can be bit hilarious when he calls Henry dad which is rare but at times he does.
There show is not very complicated, there is suspense but not very much. It is kind of show that by the end of every episode things look up. Or the Doctor says something very smart and nice. This show makes one laugh. It’s not funny show but is good.
Really hope they do continue to the next season. One of the good new seasons.