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What you do(say) “may” get done(said) to you.

In last 50 days of summer I have spent a lot of time on internet. As any person still in educational system would do in their long summer vacation. I am not new to internet, but the level of hate, intolerance, bigotry and all the other nice big words we use to define internet pigs and trolls, doings, fell short when I surveyed the comment section.  It really does not matter where you are, Facebook, YouTube, Dawn news,  MSN news, you will have the displeasure to come across over whelming number of these.

The thing is these comments are rarely challenged by anyone, why? Because good people are tolerant and nice and simply the bigger people who have self-taught themselves to ignore them and move on. they would like the video and share it. Most recent example is Theresa May speech on ISIS and Islam. I don’t know this woman and I don’t know her background but when she was reading the speech there was definite effort by her to be convincing and honest. She said that ISIS was not following Islamic teachings in any way. I think that no body has spoken that in more clear terms then her, that specific point.

Yes credibility of speech giver always should be accounted, but the content she recited was perfectly well in the context with her motive, so points for that. So many people choose that moment to spew hate because well nothing like ruining something good. It feels like it has just become a habit of so many ignorant people. They don’t know how to survive in a good environment let alone a peaceful world. Like most places in internet when some act of violence comes up and the people spewing violence relate one way or another to “Islam” even when later on it might not even my Islam related just done my some sick individual who was doing whatever he wanted.

Now most people like to believe they “understand” Islam. When they are not even Muslims or have not even been educated in Islam. Islam is not something you can google and understand or learn. You need educators to teach you Islam in its true sense and form. And most of all you need the environment in which you are ready to be tolerant and understanding. If google was an educator all schools would have been shut down by now. Google tells you stuff it does not teach you anything. Islam is a doctrine of life you need to be taught you ain’t equipped to get it just by google.

Now people say that it’s in Quran to kill non-Muslims. First of all it’s not written like, step outside and start killing people who you feel are not Muslim. This is where comes the desperate need of educators and a lot less google. Yes there are many harsh verses on warfare and (Physical)Jihad inciting killing non-Muslims. All those verses(Ayah)  have “Shaan-e-Nazool” I don’t know the English synonym of that word but it means in Urdu the events which happened which resulted in the revelation of those verses. You see, to understand the significance and the back story and events and circumstances in which that verse becomes something which needs to be enacted upon we relay on Tafsir of Quran. You might be thinking what Tafsir is, it’s usually 7 or more volumes of explanation of verses of Quran. You can think of it as Encyclopedia, which only explains Quran to all humans who obviously do not have the understanding of the exact meaning of that verse. IF you are the person who in this moment is thinking why should it be so complicated? Why do we need to make so much effort? Because dear, why do you study Shakespeare when he was just play writer and poet? Why do you write books and books on understanding philosophy when it sums up to even more nothing. Why do we tangle ourselves in webs of technology which seems unending and very expensive with each weave? If you can’t make the relation still, it’s the knowledge my friend. Knowledge comes with effort. Islam is the doctrine of life, its knowledge, for its followers. Many Muslims don’t always follow it, but many try to, it’s not easy,  its not very simple and at times it challenges you. The beauty of this knowledge is that if you follow it long enough you will start to understand the wisdom and hidden beauty in it.

Sky is blue, water is wet, ISIS is bad. Those are facts. but have you ever tried to question why ISIS happened. Just because Big Brother has you believing that it was always there and they are the reason for all that is wrong in the world. It does not necessarily mean its true. I mean lets face it world was pretty bad place before ISIS. Lets just question Big brother what was he doing for 7 years on the territory before ISIS took the very same territory. The Big Brother claimed that it had sent its troops to eliminate the threat which might affect the World. I don’t know Big Brother but it sure feels like that you meant to implant the threat in the territory which might affect the world.

However every passing day ISIS kills more people it spills blood on the ground. Covering up the land soaked with blood of 100 thousands of innocent men women children, civilization and society. I knew one Iraqi uncle, he once correct by pronunciation of Arabic alphabets. It was few months after the invasion by Big Brother. He was looking for asylum. His family wanted to move to Europe though. We don’t know if they ever made it. Never really heard from him after his return to Baghdad. 20 years of friendship which crossed borders ended  when somebody across Atlantic decided a threat needed to be eliminated, but that’s a story for another time when they are tears to spare.

Coming back to the point what west easily forgets is that how many people this ISIS has killed. And how many of them were Muslim? Overwhelming majority were Muslims. Some people who like to create divisions when they know there is already a huge tension, say that they kill only Shias, a lie. As we all don’t know, very little addressed fact, but a fact that they bombed and killed nearly 8000 Kurdis who are overwhelming of Sunni Maslik. its unfair, its unjust but it’s how popular reporting works, it’s not based upon equity it is based upon drama and what ever would churn up the most negative emotions and incite miscommunication.

You still don’t get what I am trying to tell you. Go watch Zootopia, they beautifully and creatively have broken it down in a way even kids get it now.








Conditional Equity

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Its 12th of December and we are 4 days away from the 1st anniversary of one of the  most tragic incidents happened on civilian population “not in war zone” in this decade.

Around 140  and more children were killed in brutal shooting whose coverage in international media to be honest was non existent. Because lets face it nobody cares when Muslim dies even if they are kids and they even careless if they are in Pakistan because these kids according to the western microscope are potential terrorists.

People keep on posting please don’t compare Paris attack to the APS Peshawar attack . I did not last month but i will today. Lets compare every single inch. Paris attack has been talked and condemned by every single president on every single platform. Twitter was choked with hatred and radicalism by seemingly “enlightened and better” western counterparts who thought exterminating 1.57 billion Muslims was solution of their problems.

People in Paris attack were traced, their stories found and published their friends family shown mourning. Their dreams, hopes, careers explained to pain stalking details to show the pain and loss of their lives and to denounce the method of their death.

What about the kids who died in APS attacks? they were of ages 14 to 16 their graduation from school only few months away .They were kids deciding which university they were going to go to what career they will choose. They were at brink of new beginnings. What about their pain their stories those parents who will never see their sons again those mothers who tended them through sickness, injured knees and elbows to the point they were now able to take care of themselves. They would never know what it would have been like to see their years of hard work and nourishing excel and grow.

Does anyone even ask about those father who have been fighting real war of terrorism in FATA for more then a year defending their borders their country, their country men  and minimizing the threat of terrorism for the rest of world from that particular area, what they felt when they knew that their own kids have been murdered in the most ruthless manner known? It tears me up every time to think about those fathers who were defending humanity fighting the good war but could not save their own kids? What about them? What about their pain? their loss? What about them!!

What about the kids who survived that attack? What do they feel going back to school when their friends are dead? What do those parents feel when thy see their sons which were returned from the mouth of death walk out of the door? Someone so young should not have to deal with that. they should not have to be covered in the blood of their friends they should not have to go through that.

Yeah that is right their is no comparison between APS attack Peshawar and Paris attack their is just no comparison between the situation and what a show of inequality, arrogance, disproportion and disrespect the APS attack martyrs and survivors were handled with just no comparison.

Yesterday was Friday, we Muslims consider it to be a holy day of the week. The day most people try to make to the Namaz Jumma (prayer performed by men in Masjid in afternoon). There was a fire bomb in a Mosque in California,  that news did not even make the top five headlines of MSN news which due to my browser i am follow on regular basis. The news that was present told less about the fire bomb and more about the shooting that happened in San Bernardino.

So the message here for every one including me is from the whole situation ” Every time there will be an attack of violence against Muslims it will be pushed under covers while indirectly making it look like it can be on a level be justified or even glorified by some  as a reaction of the San Bernardino shooting or Paris Attacks or some other act of terrorism .The people who are not Muslim matter more then those are Muslim. Hammer that in you heads already. “

There is no such thing as equality there is no such thing as respect tolerance or whatever the synonym to those words are and used. I am just sad that I would have to live in this intolerant world and that my family will be in this intolerant world. The way things are these  days makes me want to shrivel up inside my self.

What a tragedy we are what a tragedy humanity is in all its scientific progress and glory its modernization and liberalization is proving to be. Makes one wonder the point of progress. What ever that is.



Between hope and distress

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The darkness spreads form east to west
Its cold make hearts shudder in distress
Evil arrests the concious of the rest
Hope slowly fades away in wake of dead
Pain engulfs the lives of those left
Silence of the dead is still heard by lifeless
Can you not feel our distress?
The dreams shattered by metal
Sons ripped from the mothers with cruelness
Slowly as life ebbs away I think of stars
Who shine long after a nova
I wish I was that life which if not live might light
The world’s of those I have left behind
I who have died needless..
In the war made by the faceless
Our saviors fight so that we can rest
Don’t take our fall as their fault
This is a losing battle
We fight till we can’t
To the day the we have upper hand
In this war against the man
In which we stand alone in hurricane
The eggs still break never the less
I wish I can say this will end
But I have learned better along with many dead
We are standing at the edge
They will say we have already lost
That we are just not ready to accept
I want you to remember that they are wrong
You are still here if I am not
That is enough if not all

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: (Book & Movie)

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Firstly: The narrator of this book is the guy who grew up with the Pakistani dream, which is immigration and making a lot of money, and raising his and his family’s standard in the society. (Pakistani’s are excellent at doing hard work outside Pakistan, because they get an equal fighting chance also foreign money has more respect in this society than any other kind of money.) There is no actual plot to the book, its few months of life of a young Pakistani who also happens to be a Muslim. It is story of the time where being brown in America was nothing much, where everybody got an equal chance. The narrator saw that america which would fulfill his dreams and desires turn against him and finally push him to leave. The narration in this book is extremely one sided. The narrator is talking to someone, but it is never explained why and how the meeting came to be. In the end of the book which means the very last page, the narrator turns out to be part of some organization or hinted to be and the listener turns out to be an agent or hinted to be. Both details completely irrelevant and unexplained due to the plot. The movie on another hand was like all movies are it try’s to give account of all unsaid and unexplained things. It gives a background of the listener which is hinted to be some kind of agent in the book. In movie they make him dual agent an analyst of current events working for CIA. The narrator, they also give an innocent persona in the movie. The make him an academician activist mistaken to be part of terror group. Not actually a member as hinted in the book. Even though he was an academician activist and a lecturer in book. These additions in the movie along with change of venue which was tea shop in Anakali bazar in Lahore, in book, not tea shop in Lahore university as in movie. But the changes in movie were understandable if it was complete copy of the book it would have been very dissatisfying watch.


Secondly: The movie and the book were very refreshing, they capture America and its its recklessness and dual standards for non-Americas especially the Muslims of Asia. There is thing in this book, which i am tempted to quote

“It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should not imagine that we Pakistanis are all potential terrorists, just as we should not imagine that you Americans are all undercover assassins.”

in the movie they skip that line a “disappointment”. But there is something in the movie which i think needs to be said more often than it is:

The kidnapping of an American is about as heavy its gets for them.

How very true that statement is. That’s the worse that has happens to them. 3000 were lost in America and they said how can something like that came to be. We have lost more than 100000 in the wars initiated by Americans and that is not  the headline or a day that is mourned worldwide. Other than that more than 50000 have been just lost in Pakistan in terrorism. So kidnapping of an American is the worst for them, but for us, open fire on children has came to be.

 Lastly: Mohsin Hamid never fails to impress me, someday in near future i want to be a writer and he is the writer whose writing style i want to adopt. He iss quick, simple and compelling. He truly has a gift for conveying himself with most appropriate words without ever having to over explain himself.

When will be it be enough? When will we stop dying for being us?

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Twin blasts at in Sanna, Yemen. They are not making the international diplomats turn in their chairs. Everyone was quick to tweet and give press release including the Pope when 10 Christians died on Sunday, Lahore 15th March. But only five days later number of and children and men die during Friday prayer. Where are those humanitarians????

Why is the world not jumping up and down for the justice? why is their silence?

those who keep quiet when scores of Muslims die are the ones funding these so called ISIS or Daish, TTP. The so called muslim mujahids are mercenaries on the payroll of those conservative Muslim Haters in their expensive suits and fat accounts and with blood as white and as their skins. They are real extremists who won’t speak up for the death and loss of Muslim and those who say our religion teaches us violence when they do not know the first thing about Islam.

They are destroying are countries and destroying are homes and killing our sons and are blaming us for the terrorism while we lose most to this pointless and mindless and aimless war of terror.

when will these mindless war stop has it not claimed enough sons? has it not orphaned enough? has it not crippled enough? has it not wrecked enough homes yet? has it not destroyed enough economies? has it not spilled enough blood?

for sake of which ever God you believe in. For sake of your children for sake of whatever you believe in. Just stop the killing. Stop the killing before this fire burns your own homes down. In that moment you will realize what monster you have built. Then pointing finger and blame games won’t bring back those you lose. Just the way those we have lost.


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Today should truly be the black day in Pakistan. Because Pakistani hearts are turning black as charcoal,cold as ice and hard as diamonds. Because today innocence was murdered by those defined as Pakistani by law and Flag.

On Sunday 17th March two twin blasts took place in Lahore outside the Churches. A tragedy and an inhumane act of terrorism against humanity to target people in place of their faith. In world war II Japanese did this closing people in temples and gassing them. Those who tried to come out were shot. Terrorists are no different they target Masjids, shrines, Churches even schools.

When terrorists do something like this or things like this happen in was by enemies we can justify them acts of war and act of people with twisted mind set and agendas to destroy society and culture and defame religions. When a female principle was burned in a school we can at least know that she was mutilated that way, by men who did not know any better, the were brutes, inhuman, who were not one of us, they are enemies of are nation and need to be eradicated. We know who to fight against and from who to defend ourselves from.

At one place people despite of their religion reached the hospitals to donate blood for the victims of blasts. Country wide protests against the church blasts took place and on the other hand 2 men get murdered because people were angry at lose of their loved ones in the blasts??

When an angry mob of Pakistani’s burn two innocent men, in middle of roads beat them and burn them alive. What are we supposed to do than? Who are we supposed to fight against then? Who are we to blame then? How do we justify this? How do we understand this and explain this to ourselves?

These people who did the highest act of terrorism because they were not brainwashed suicide bombers, They were men drunk with anger. An unjustified anger. What happened to them has happened to so many other Pakistani’s so what gave then the right to do what they did? How was burning two men whose only crime was to be in wrong place and have beards different from burning a woman who happened to be principle of a school under siege of mad men?

What was done by this mob is an unforgivable act. Christians were not targeted because they were minority but because they were Pakistani. So many have died over course of years to this to the curse of terrorism. The terrorist time to time target minorities to bring a rift between us and i think they are succeeding. Shame on us for letting them come between us. Shame on every Pakistani who thinks the other Pakistani is trying to wipe them out. Shame on us for becoming our on enemies. Shame on us for acting like inhumane brutes and shame on us for joining hands with terrorists in spilling blood of innocent.

And shame on all those who justify this act of brutality as insecurity of minorities!! when there have been hundreds of attacks on Masjids and Imam bargahs!! how many Muslims have blamed Pakistani Christians for it how many have said, “we have died more in terrorism so you must be responsible for it”!! none, because we know terrorism is not act against a community but humanity!!!

Pakistani’s for sake of God which ever you believe in and sake of your children and for sake of sheer humanity wake up please!!!